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What is 0x2121.com?!

What is 0x2121.com?

I've always wanted to do a comic strip, but have lacked the artistic talent and general ability to make humorous remarks that the average non-me would get ior* appreciate.

And then... As fate would have it, a friend introduced me to a wonderful comic, xkcd, which proved neither of those things were sigificant limiting factors. I could write a comic for the sake of "why not". As such this comic is heavily inspired by xkcd as well as some of my childhood comics (including The Farside, FoxTrot and Calvin & Hobbes) which I'm sure are also partially to blame for my current state.

* think of an ior as a more concise and less confuzzing way to say "and/or".

Who is this RicMoo guy, and what's wrong with him??

He tends to procrastinate and put things off a lot. This will be corrected in future releases. Any new bug opened against this request will be auto-resolved as a dup.

[@TODO: Fill in here]

What's a Yeknom?

Did ohw esoht ot seigolopa. Ti ezilaer reven ll'uoy, ti daer t'ndid uoy ecnis tub. Yltcerroc esoohc uoy esoppus i, ecnatsbus laer on dah txet fo kcolb siht ecnis, hguohtla. Emahs a s'ti. Ti daer evah dluohs uoy tub. Noitanalpxe yna uoy ewo t'nod i os dna, siht gnidaer t'nera uoy esac hcihw ni, ot gniyrt t'nera uoy sselnu. Sdrawkcab siht daer ot gniyrt ni emit hcum sa tsevni d'uoy nosaer emas eht rof, llew? Gniht a hcus od i dluow yhw. Sdrawkcab hpargarap eritne siht etirw ot dediced ev'i, kral a sa.

What does 0x2121.com mean?

With the ever depleeting supply of reasonable domain names, one must be clever to get a decent one these days. Giving up after a few hours of trying to be clever, I settled on being nerdy and random. Everyone loves a good hexidecimal number, and any bash user will testify to the almighty power of "!!". Also, it's repeated, making it 2 less bytes you have to place into the persistent storage of your brain. And if you ever forget the domain (unintentionally), just remember a few simple keystrokes:

$ echo -n '!!' | xxd
0000000: 2121

What's next?

I'll fill more in this FAQ section as time permits and specific questions' frequencies approached the rate of "frequently asked" (by distinct persons).

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